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Open Dance Studio – Step by step to your own business

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Dancing is a great passion that you would like to pass on to other people? Then you’ve probably already thought of opening your own dance studio. A big adventure, no question. But also no impossibility. Read in this post what you have to consider everything if you want to open a dance studio and what conditions you have to meet.

Who is allowed to open a dance studio or school?

Who wants to open a dance school, intends to work as a rule, even as a dance teacher. But is that allowed so easy? Or you can only pursue this profession if you have previously completed a professional training (the dancer)? The answer to these questions is not entirely clear and therefore needs to be split into several aspects:

The profession of a dance teacher is not protected in linked to education. This basically means that everyone can call themselves a dance teacher and can pursue a corresponding work.

Dance Studio Teacher TrainingHowever, it must also be pointed out that dance teachers belong to the liberal professions. If you want to work as a freelancer and you want to benefit from various advantages such as a simplified accounting and the abolition of trade tax, you must be able to prove to the tax office your professional aptitude. This means that not everyone who likes to dance and work with people may open a dance school. You must be able to prove that you also have the technical know-how.

Info: By the way, the same applies to journalists. You need to proof of professional competence at the tax office for the dance studio.

Why training as a dance teacher increases your success

Regardless of whether training as a dance teacher is necessary or not, you should always keep one in mind: A proof of your abilities comes extremely well with the customer and provides confidence in your work.

Anyone who completes an apprenticeship as a dance teacher – this takes on average three years – goes into an excellent starting position and creates a secure foundation for later success. Potential customers who have the choice between a trained dance teacher and an amateur will opt for option 1 in the majority of cases. Keep in mind that proof of your professional qualification justifies higher prices. People who want to learn to dance will definitely be willing to pay for it.

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Own dance studio or stay flexible?

Before you can open a dance school, you should definitely ask yourself how you want to work:

  • in a permanent studio or dance hall
  • flexible in different places

Of course, no one forces you to commit to one of the two options, but be sure to know that both bring different challenges.

Dance Studio LocationIf you want to have a solid studio where your students come, the biggest hurdle is finding the right space. In addition, there are the costs that can be quite significant depending on the city and the size of the dance school. On the plus side, though, you do not have to worry about where your dance classes should take place.

Those who (consciously) choose fixed premises benefit first and foremost from their flexibility. They are not tied to a specific location, but can also offer their courses in schools, retirement homes, and leisure centers. So there are many more ways to reach customers and pick them up right where they are. In addition, you save money for the room rental in many cases.

The “basic equipment” for the dance studio

No matter if firm or flexible – dancing lessons without music just can not work. Therefore, if you want to open a dance school, you should think about the technical equipment right from the beginning and make sure that you have enough music for the different types of dance.

Dance Studio Basic EquipmentFurthermore, you should also think about the topic of work clothing and equip yourself with several outfits. Comfortable clothing is always the right choice. With the shoes, you should make sure that you fit the respective dance direction and are also comfortable.

What does a dance teacher deserve?

If you want to open a dance school for long-term success, first must keep an eye on average income as a dance teacher. The prices depend on various factors such as:

  • Location of the dance school
  • Training and additional qualifications
  • Size of the course (number of participants)
  • Type of offer

Basically, dance teachers earn at least 20 euros an hour. This may sound rather lucrative for a salaried employee, but is actually the lowest salary limit in self-employment. Those who ask even less for their service will have a hard time keeping themselves afloat.

At this point, it becomes clear once again how important it is to train as a dance teacher, although this is not absolutely necessary. Once you have specialized in certain dances and can pass on the appropriate know-how, even higher hourly rates are absolutely legitimate.

Important: When calculating your hourly rate, be sure to consider all fixed costs – from the room rent to electricity costs to the insurance.

Gain customers: Attract attention!

Of course, a dance school that is new to the market first has to attract attention in order to acquire customers and make customers satisfied. The key to success? Marketing! But do not worry, even if this topic always sounds like a lot of effort and costs, you should approach it openly and creatively.

Dance Studio MarketingAs a dance school, you can let it rip-roar with regard to marketing campaigns. How about, for example, a flash mob that points to the opening of the dance school? Or regular dance videos that you share on Facebook and Instagram? There are so many ways to creatively attract attention and interest people in your offer.

Keep in mind that dancing is a beautiful thing that gives people pleasure and positive emotions. If you manage to translate exactly these into your marketing activities or marketing strategies, then you will soon be happy about your first successes.

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