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Wedding Planning Business – How to Become a wedding planner?

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No wonder it takes ages to reach the point where one can call him/herself a professional wedding planner. Why we can be so certain about it is based on certain realities. In this article, we are going to discuss, how to become a wedding planner and some following aspects to become a wedding planner?

Following is the table of content that will guide you on what we are about to discuss…


This section is an embodiment of topics which cater to the needs of understanding “Wedding Planning Services” as well as the prime need of its existence.

The scope and future of wedding planners is the second most targeted topic of this section. Both, when merged together gives a complete essence of its complexities and tackiness.

Along with that, we have manifestos from leading brands and companies of the latest trends in the business models.

So, this section is going to help you in comprehending notions and philosophies of getting into the field.

Let’s start off by answering some of the questions mentioned below:

Who are wedding planners and what do they do?

Personnel or professionals who concentrate on each and everything of a wedding ceremony is called wedding planners, wedding consultants or wedding coordinators.

Every bit of information from logistics of flowers decorated on stage, drinks served before dinner or luncheon, and other assortments are in the responsibility of these people. Consultants or planners are because of whom any wedding ceremony is organized the way the bride and groom want.

For example; if a groom is up for tulips and not roses, it is wedding planners’ job to make him understand if it will serve as a good option or not. If not, then what are the reasons and if good, what may be the reasons.

In a case where my close friend Alex asked for shrimps and not chicken in the lunch (in Mexico), wedding planners gave a tentative amount which was exceeding his budge.

Therefore, they opted for another alternative which was something of the same family but not that costly as fried tempura prawns.

Duties and responsibilities of a wedding planner

Duties & Responsibilities
What are the duties and responsibilities of a wedding planner?

Certain duties and responsibilities are required by wedding planners. Those are:

Basic duties:

  • Budgeting – reviewing and estimating everything before planning any model or proposing ideas.
  • Getting the brief from the client, understanding the overall event (including rehearsal dinners, evening parties before and after the wedding, luncheon and dinner after and before the wedding, wedding reception, and wedding ceremony, and honeymoon (if included in the plan))
  • Keeping everything flawless with maintained deadlines and updates is another duty of a wedding planner.
  • Selection of theme, design and style, taste, color combination after a proper meeting with the client or couple is included in the duties of a good wedding planner.

Organizational duties and responsibilities:

  • Signing a contract to make official hiring of yourself as a wedding coordinator.
  • Creating as well as getting contracts for vendors.
  • Acknowledgment of budgeting restrictions, obligations from the client’s side, and appointments of professionals.
  • Organization of wedding day and how to divide it with the given timeline.
  • Coordination between the arrivals of vendors with the right deliveries.

Scope and Future of wedding planner:

Scope & Future_
The scope of future of wedding planner?

According to many, including Confucius, you and I should select jobs that serve us right; that we love the most, and that which is more like a passion. For that, there will not be any day when you will consider working hard.

Imagine coming out as a freshie in the market, looking to select something that is made for you, meant for you, and is for you! Lurking in the whirlpool of emotions and looking here and there, seeking advice for what to or not to select as a career in event planning; and indulging yourself in the craziest career fever is mostly expected.

However, it is tapered time to time by the experts who are called “career counselors”. They, after understanding your potentials, capabilities, personality, and overall life, suggests what is or not good for your career growth.

If you have certain managerial and business-oriented mindset then they advise you to become an organizer and run a business. That business could relate to anything. You have to short-list an array of options. Among them, wedding planners or planning is also included.

Since this article is about wedding planning, we will take you down the lane of scope and future of wedding planners.

The scope of wedding planners:

People get married. They want to celebrate the event as the rememberable one. For which expertise of wedding planners is needed. Listed below are the details of wedding scope:

  • Bachelorette and bachelor parties
  • Rehearsal dinner and luncheon
  • The wedding ceremony and reception
  • Honeymoon

Other facilities that encompass the above-mentioned parties and events are as follows:

  • Focusing as well as organizing bachelor, bachelorette, bridal shower, and other parties
  • Printing of cards and other stationery if needed
  • Making necessary decorations
  • Handling and organizing vendors for parties, wedding ceremony, and wedding reception
  • Selecting appropriate design and style for the stage, and etc.

Future of wedding planning business:

If you ask about the wedding planning industry and its success in fifteen years from now, I would say that it will be very different from now as in 2019.

Brides will still be given titles though as a trend. Those titles may or may not include, Martha Steward Wedding or Brides from the known magazines.

However, from the digital perspective, it will wear a sheet of ideas that are fully equipped with unique product or services as well as content. Brides and grooms will be able to edit their pictures and content themselves.

Bloom in the tech side will be noticed where there will be many wedding applications on smartphones and other devices. Seeing options from those applications, wearing something branded or of your choice will become meaningful, easier to purchase, and selection would become convenient.

Wedding Planner’s Career Paths

career pathsYou want to become a wedding planning organizer, but do not know exactly how to reach this professional goal? If you can meet the relevant technical requirements and perhaps even gain some experience in the field of event planning, then you have virtually every door open. As a budding wedding planning organizer, you have the choice between:

Permanent Planner:

If you do not want to give up the security of a permanent position, you can apply to a wedding agency. Not only do they benefit from a secure and always equal income, but they also never have to take full responsibility for a planned wedding.

However, this also implies that you always have to play only the second violin in the orchestra and always have to share the praise with your employer.

Self-employed wedding planning organizer:

The situation is completely different if you decide to work as an independent wedding planner. This path means that you alone have to get the recognition, but in return have to stand straight for mistakes and breakdowns.

The income of self-employed wedding planners is of course much higher than that of employees. But for insurance, taxes and private pensions must have a large part of the money.

In addition, as a self-employed person, you always have to expect financial fluctuations. While the cash registers ring in the summer, the order situation for wedding planners looks rather meager in winter. To become an independent wedding planner, you need to start a sole proprietorship.

Future of wedding planning and photography:

“Look here, Sam! Say cheese!” and the camera clicks. This is what you see and notice in weddings, right?

What do you notice in these clicks is a whole story. Something that you cherish later. However, it gets pretty edgy and overwhelming afterward. Brands and companies tried to come with a solution for such issues but, nothing had made it go right till now.

Somehow, I am expecting things to go better in this aspect. I foresee collections of pictures in one slideshow/s without interaction humans’ touch.

Drone have started setting their role in wedding planning services and businesses. This will take a better projection of videos and pictures. Imagining conspicuous devices to capture attire and best scenes are recorded with high resolution is another expectation.

Wedding planners will have more say in the event because they will give extra services (including picture mosaics and video recording).


Why you should become a wedding planner?

facts & understanding about wedding planning
Image by Anemone123 on Pixabay

Are you at a fix of knowing which career is best for you and, why you should land as a wedding planner, then read on. This section will explain reasons from different aspects and perspectives. Also, you can have a look at this as the benefits…….:-)


Individuals who love staying around people, generally are good with networking skills. They make connections and business comes to them easily with references, recommendations, word of mouth, and referrals.

Tiny details and decorations:

Do you stop to see laces, beads, and tiny details in the places you visit? If yes, then bingo!

This is another reason why you should go for this career. Colors, ribbons, and other decoration items make you go crazy, and you tend to forget everything else at that time is why you should pick a wedding planner as a career.

Results and rewards:

Mutual sharing of benefits in the form of profits and rewards is something that you simply can’t ignore. Vendors love to work with you because of sincerity, dedication, convincing power, and other traits. Exceptional outcomes appear when you make an effort with vendors and work wholeheartedly.

You are a fun person!

You should become a wedding planner because dancing, music, drinking, and being happy all the time is your forte. Watching a couple of dancing is what gives you pleasure.

Hospitality and care:

It is totally your thing when you love taking care of every bit of information, things in the agenda of the day and wedding ceremony, tables with the right amount of flower arrangement, and placing candles on the table, and etc. is simply your thing. And you don’t get tired in greeting guests in any type of event related to the wedding.

Meeting challenges with chin up!

Knowing that you can and will accomplish something by the end of the project is risky and complicated. Despite knowing that fact, you take wedding projects and make a couple and guests happy. Finding strategies and tactics to combat complexities in designing, reshaping, modeling, or modifying the wedding plan makes you go. Hence, it is definitely a career you shouldn’t ignore and take it up as a passion.

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Do you need any degree to become a wedding planner and what kind of training is required to become a wedding planner?

Wedding planning degree?
Image by robtowne0 on Pixabay

Education is a secondary thing to become a wedding planner. The first thing that is needed is passion and thirst to do what you like – being a wedding planner. Once you are sure what you want to do, i.e. to become a wedding planner, go for some formal education – the one which gives you a degree.

When people ask whether it is important to earn a degree before becoming a professional wedding planner; I always tell them to take a degree course or any wedding planning online course so that you have a good portfolio.

Imagine yourself proposing the idea of giving services as a wedding planner to a celebrity.

What do you think he will see?

He or she will look into each and every possible detail. From education to work experience. They will also verify if the testimonials are rightly put or you have bluffed. These celebrities don’t choose random wedding planners; therefore, to win their hearts you have to know what is going on in the industry. You have to see which degrees are offered and which is the best one for you.

Following are some degrees that are offered in different universities:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in wedding planning – this is a degree program of 2 years.
  2. Master’s degree in wedding planning – this is also a degree program of 4 years.

What do you learn in degree programs (wedding planning)?

–    Hospitality management

–    Organizational behavior

–    Managing staff

–    Food and beverages supervision

–    Marketing and sales of wedding planning services

To sum it up, we can say that yeah with a degree as a wedding planner, you will have higher prospects of getting better projects.

Required qualities or skills to become a wedding planner

Skills & Qualities
Required skills and qualities to become a wedding planner?

Prior to setting any business, it is a must to study about it in length. Having said that, it means you have to build trust in yourself by confiding and knowing basic ethnic groundings.

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Following are the some required qualities or skills to become a  successful business planner:

  1. Internships and jobs!

Learn from gurus of the field. Get appointed in a reputable company that can guide you well on how to run a business. Remember, you can skip this part and move on your own business as a first step. However, we would recommend you to start off by working as an employee.

Benefits that you will get from such a job are:

  • You will acquire enough knowledge on how to approach clients for their wedding planning proposals.
  • Also, you will approve and help in the selection of the venue. This will surely add on experience.
  • Moreover, you will be able to understand how plans are designed and executed.
  • Dealing with different wedding vendors from bakers to photographers will come to your daily job. Something that will enable you to communicate with them and get work done as per the need of the client.
  • Last but not least; you will learn how to handle risky and demeaning situations.
  1. Ample formal information and adequate degree:

Fortunately, this is the era in which you can get educated and earn a degree of what so ever field you like. I would suggest you should go for accreditation that justifies your field – wedding planning. This will not just augment prime need of knowledge but also assist in executing everything more authentically.

After certain education and earning a degree, you will be able to guarantee success at a faster pace as compared to any amateur wedding planning.

Following are some known and reputable associations that could bring a huge difference in the horizon of thinking and accepting wedding planning as a field:

  • Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants
  • Association of Bridal Consultants
  • Wedding Beautiful Worldwide
  • June Wedding Inc.
  1. Attention to every minute details:

Understanding and maintaining minute details in the wedding event is needed to be an excellent wedding planner. Indeed, this is a quality that takes wedding planners from zero to the epitome of success. On the other hand, if you want life to be easy going without getting into details, then this wedding planner career is not meant for you!

Either learn to go into details or leave this profession totally. The call will remain yours!

  1. Communication skills:

Planning an event, that too of a wedding is not possible without communication. Since you were the wedding planners are the ones who make or break dream wedding ceremonies (of the clients) it is better to know what couple to be is looking for.

After knowing everything, start chasing and creating ideas around the given outline. Discussing those ideas with clients and vendors again require excellent communication skills. Never forget that miscommunication can cause serious consequences, confirm every move you take. Prefer everything in writing or emails.

That’s way everything will stay documented and you will love being a wedding planner.

  1. Organizational attributes:

Making a system that works for you and then staying on its parameters is the best way to organize oneself. Either build your own software that is unique in every way and functions for you or your company alone or do everything manually (being alert and not missing out anything from the base).

Once you start growing in this field, you can simply show the app and ask the client to see if you can be needful. This is, however, when your business does really good.

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Getting into the work
Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay

How actually you can start your wedding planning business?

In this section, you will be able to understand the dynamics of getting into the field and executing whatever is important. Following are the core areas where we shall walk you through:

– Required things to start up this business

– Legal formalities to start up

– How to set up this business?

– How to run this business successfully?

Let’s start…

Required things to start up this business:

Since this topic is already discussed above, we are not going to talk much on it. Other aspects that are not discussed above are as follows:

  • Investment:

You need some amount to start any business, let it be as a wedding planning service provider or any other small-scale business. If you start a business as a wedding planner, then you must have a minimum of $1,500. It is a cost that will enable you to function and get basic needs.

What are the basic needs of starting a business in this field?

Well, the answer to it is simple:

website – the place from where you can track down and get approached by clients.

Besides that, you will need a computer to operate finances, write formal emails, and etc.

You will also need a printer and a smartphone to take calls and respond through different means.

  • Exploration of ideas:

Wedding planners are keen observers. If you are too, then this is the best field in regard to your personality. Once you are in the field, you have to be certain about the right pick of wedding planning. Knowing where you want to land is obvious. That will showcase the spirit and utility of your skills.

I would suggest you work alone as well as with seniors to get every bit of knowledge. Take notes and study about wedding planning, if necessary.

  • Formal business plan:

To keep everything handy and remember every bit of your business plan, I would recommend you to install any application on your smartphone. The purpose of that app would be to keep you grounded.

Something that reminds your agenda and business plan. Following are some ideas on which you can work. They will assist you in remembering tiny details:

–     Consultation Fees

–    Service charges

–    Competitors to beat

–    The targeted audience on the website

–    Potential clients, you want to work with

–    Financial expenses and inventories

–    Investment in bank

  • Promoting business:

In today’s competitive market, promotion is a highly required element of every business and also it is an important P of 7Ps of service marketing.  Promoting business, yourself may sound difficult but it is not. When I started the wedding planning business, it was quite fascinating because I happened to meet different types of people at my booth in a business event. That gave my business a sudden bloom and that is where I started to make more money.

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You can do the same. Participate in such trade shows and get ready to see yourself among top-notch wedding planners.

Legal formalities to start up

Legal formalities to become a wedding planner?

Brand yourself!

Let me tell you my story of being an accomplished wedding planner. Well, first of all, I branded myself. That is what I want you to do too. Brand yourself! Want to know why? Well, it is one of the best ways to exhibit your talent and skills. You don’t want to go missing amidst the massive mushroom growth of wedding planners.

There are two ways to brand your business – on your legal name or a proper business name. If you don’t like to register your company under the legal name of yours, then naturally you have to register a company name. for that, you have to do the following:

  • Register business name
  • Pay some amount as a fee (depends on the city or country you live in)

Professional assistance:

After getting my company registered, I didn’t take a risk and hired a professional who explained the integrity of running a business successfully. I would advise you to take professional help too. So that he can perform the following duties:

  • Write legal contracts between the company and the clients
  • Terms and conditions of the company
  • Privacy policies of the company
  • Breach of contract and consequences
  • Mode of payment

Maintaining bookkeeping facilities with the help of an accountant also helps much. So, don’t forget hiring a financial consultant for effective financial management. His job would be to assist you in tax returns, maintaining inventories, financial management, and dealing with money.

The business model of the wedding planning industry

For many of us, wedding planning or wedding consultancy is a dream business. Better said, it is for those who are romantic individuals and are seen noticing minute things in wedding ceremonies.

An eye for beauty and grace, trend and chicness, is their art. I would say that anyone with a passion for beautifying small elements and then bigger into a properly organized manner should join this industry.

However, like any business, this one too needs a proper business structure. Without the basic model of wedding planning, it becomes hard to survive in the wedding planning industry for too long. Obviously, you would want to know the reason….! The reason for it is based on a change in fashion and trends, updates on what’s in and out, and etc.

Likewise, here are some points that you should know before becoming a full-fledged, well-trained, and professional wedding coordinator or planner.

How to run a wedding planning business?

Wedding planning businessBelow are some ways which I have defined to run a wedding planning business successfully.

1st way: Beginners and amateur wedding planners

Are you new in this business?

Are you out of sources and finances to run a proper company?

Are you fine with hiring freelancers who could take care of their area of expertise?

Are you in the process of building a portfolio?

If most of the answers are in a yes, then this is the best wedding planning business model for you. To kill the curiosity, below are reasons, why.

First and foremost, in this model, you only have to offer space to the to-be brides and grooms. Then, you bring freelancers or people who give certain services to complete an area. For instance, you hire flower arrangement experts and pay them for the gig they do; Food and cake are ordered by someone different who are little-known (but do perfect jobs obviously), and etc.

Steps of the 1st way: Beginners and amateur wedding planners

  • Create a website.
  • Put in all what you offer as a wedding planner.
  • Also, add pictures of the place, extra amenities if clients select your services, and etc.
  • Don’t forget to put your location and contact number.
  • Then, approach clients through referrals and other marketing strategies.

Therefore, you can start at a very basic level. There is no harm in escalating business by investing very little amount from the profits perhaps.

2nd Way: one project at a time!

Do you like being alone and handling one project at a time? Or you are an all-rounder and want to do everything by yourself?

If yes, then this plan or wedding planning model fits your personality.

Here is why:

It is because going into complications isn’t your forte. And you are more comfortable with signing a contract with someone who rents the venue for a said number of months or years. They are the ones who do sales as well as marketing and other operations.

But here a question arises: what do you get out of this wedding planning?

Well, you get something called “percentage” of each sale of the space.

Honestly, you don’t have much say in the business and there is less growth. Nevertheless, if it is what you like as a person, then it is the best way to stick to the wedding planning industry. Reason being, it is simple as well as almost free of tension and stress.

3rd Way: Full-time wedding planning business model

Last but not least; this model is for you if you are an enthusiast or someone who considers wedding planning as everything – career, passion, and enrichment of souls (by making other couples happy by their services). Following are basic needs, requirements, duties, and responsibilities of a full-time wedding planner.

  • Give access to location or venue.
  • Facilitating with marketing and sales.
  • Working with a closely-knitted number of suppliers.
  • Tying hands with everyone (metaphorically) to get the best results.
  • Hiring and firing of staff to serve drinks, starters, and etc.
  • Selection of menu and wine bar.

Benefits of this model are wide as there are more services and potential of growth. However, when you manage everything on your own, probability of growth doubles. You can charge according to your need and want. On the other hand, you’ve to have a huge responsibility on shoulders before, during, and even after the event.

At times, undergoing through mistakes becomes a given fact. I would suggest you hire professional help to sort finances and take care of marketing activities.

Random tips for wedding planners

Random TipsTo become a successful wedding planner, it takes quite a few traits; without which you can’t be a successful wedding planner for ages. You might make an entry in this industry but then leave all high and dry.

Therefore, knowing about the core values, scope, importance, and other details, you can become a reputable wedding planner.

Below are some tips for wedding planners:

  1. One of the best tip to becoming a successful wedding planner is by signing a contract. When a contract is signed as a full-time wedding planner, you have to plan things differently. Reason being, you have to work rigorously almost one and a half year before the actual date of the wedding ceremony and reception. You, being a wedding planner need to stay loyal to the client (the couple – bride and groom) throughout the contract.
  2. Long-term commitments are required to become a successful wedding planner. It means that you cannot sign a contract out of sheer excitement or excitement. You have to have guts and wise approach in handling all types of situations. Real challenge starts when you don’t get payments on time, get delays for approvals from the client, and etc. but are expected to do everything on the said day and time. For that, you have to think tactfully without losing your cool and ruining things for your portfolio.
  3. Passion is the key to success. It is said that anyone can do anything but not everyone can be excellent at everything. Passionate people tend to go the extra mile for their clients. This trait makes them wanted in the market or industry. On the other hand, if you lack skills exhibited on the portfolio, the probability of downfall starts.
  4. It is easy to show anger and become impolite or insensitive. However, it costs a lot in other ways. Why? Well, it is merely on the basis of being a professional. You have rights to be assertive but not rude. So, if you think it is something you can handle, then go for it! Entire wedding planning industry is waiting for your legendary entrance.
  5. Changes at the eleventh hour and ability to adapt them in the composition of new settlements is another reason what makes you a profound wedding planner. This trait is needed by each and every planner, let it be someone who is new or an expert. The reason behind the idea is simple: to provide the utmost level of satisfaction to the clients.

Experts Opinions

Clients want to see and observe things before hiring any wedding planner. For that, you are bound to know ways through experts. Here, I have mentioned opinions of gurus of wedding planning as a company.


According to Brian Bossany, a seasoned photographer, you should make a brand out of your legal name. Reveal your skills by the eans of the portfolio and also take your clients to the website. These elements will suffice the need of a good wedding planner. And it will also help in escalating in the future.

However, the site should depict your sensuality towards the love of what you do – wedding planning. Since couples or clients trust certain platforms, try to get to them and ask for a favor – to publish your content and portfolio.

That will allow clients to build trust without wasting time. I have followed this technique and my business has thrived considerably.


The second advise that I personally taken for myself is based on the concept of sharing. This notion is by Desiree Dent who happens to be the owner of Dejanae Events. According to him, reviews from clients is mandatory.

Unfortunately, wedding planners don’t really care about getting feedbacks or testimonials. If you are a wedding planner and need to go places, then it is one of the best ways to ward off your business from gutsy busty people. Rather, be selective in taking clients.

Please remember that this tip is for mid-level wedding planners. You can ask your clients to fill information and give a tentative date when you will be free to get on board with their project.


Last but not least; here is my take on wedding planners going places: always make sure that you share pictures, videos, and everything in between of best work in regard to wedding ceremonies. This will take lesser time to go bigger!!

My personal tips for a wedding planner

Not long ago I attended a wedding ceremony. Beautiful décor, excellent setup and stage, aromatic dishes and flowers – in short, they had everything. But… they were lacking somewhere and I couldn’t point my fingers on it.

Well, then after a while I realized that it is a projector that is not doing justice to the entire arrangement. Reason being, it was very conventional and extremely daunting. Anyway, I didn’t like it much and tried to convince others to do something out of the box for their most important days.

If you want to excel in this field then you have to compete with other wedding planners who use better technology. After doing thorough research I have a list of high-end devices that could be used for better arrangements.

Google Hangout: This could be used before the wedding ceremony. Understanding goals and agendas are very crucial. Anything could go wrong. So, you can use Google Hangout to ensure less drama and more authenticity of best wedding ever.

Use of social media: tweet about the upcoming wedding and remind people online. Discuss the keynotes of the wedding and make everything organized way before the wedding.

However, you can use Facebook for live streaming or live video with those who are not able to make it on the event.

Businesses tend to grow with time. At times, time doesn’t play much importance because of your hard work and determination. In either case, you should expand a business when you have completed a certain number of projects. That will allow you to have enough experience and understanding of handling clients.

However, prior expansion, you must have the following:

  • A functioning and attractive website with a complete portfolio
  • Legal documentation if it is a company
  • Understanding of different cultures, likes, and dislikes
  • Projection and authenticity of ideas in the form of live event (pictures and videos attached in the website)
  • Enough finances to expand business
  • Ample resources to go bigger

In short, you should make a list of things that are important, very important, extremely important, and can be ignored. Place items or things in columns or boxes. Determine how and what will make you grow even bigger from big.

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Top 3 Recommended books

Wedding planning books are mostly written by experts. They have shared their own experiences, tips, and tricks in those books to help newcomers in this field. I have read many books in the paper bag form but found three of the best among the rest.

In this section, I will mention and explain my favorite wedding planning books.

  1. A Practical Wedding Planner – by Meg Keene.

The author has explained a lot about fun ways to arrange or plan a wedding without spending a lot. She has narrated stories as well as shown how exactly weddings can be an economical budget. Choosing decoration pieces and crafting ideas is another essence of this book.

There is homework for the bride and groom too. Those include spreadsheets and checklists so that you can wisely decide the budget and other things for your wedding. Satisfaction is talked continuously which makes the reader happy. Last but not least; this book is available in Amazon and can be bought in twenty dollars.

The reason why you should buy it: when I read a book, there is always an agenda behind. For this one, I would recommend you to read it because it has everything that a startup wedding planner may need. Maintaining budgets, understanding of lists of things required, and being positive and not overwhelmed in preparations or change in the eleventh hour is what this book contains.

  1. The Groom’s Guide- For Men on the Verge of Marriage:

The Black Tux is the author of this eBook. Decent from the cover and elegant from inside content is the beauty that this book holds. It talks about the attire of the groom, how to be at first date, and tips for all types of men in the world (straight, gay, bi-sexual, and whatnot). Again, this eBook can be purchased from Amazon in only twenty dollars.

The reason why you should buy it: if you are a man and looking for ways to plan a perfect marriage for your gay or straight best friend, then this would give a solution to each and every problem. As mentioned above, it gives closure to attires and a selection of accessories for the wedding. Try reading this one when you don’t want to rely on others and want to help guy friends.

  1. The Wedding Planner Checklist:

Another wedding planning book, found in Amazon Kindle in just $8 is written by Peter Pauper Press. This book is more like a mini guide book with lists and charts that could help you decide for the wedding ceremony. It is a notebook and not an eBook and can be kept in your pocket or purse. There are pockets within the book to hold all types of notes you make for the wedding event.

The reason why you should buy it: based on my experience of this book, I recommend it to those individuals who are looking for handy books in less than ten dollars. Also, this book gives a comforting feeling when it is in your pocket or purse. It is because it doesn’t let you down and you jot down thoughts or whatever related to a wedding on it (as soon as it occurs).


All in all, you can become a wedding planner if you acquire all skills and even expand after some time in the industry. It is all up to you on planning and starting a business as a wedding planner. Do leave a comment below to let me know if you liked this article or not. If you did what made you like it and vice versa. That would definitely help me in the future!

Good luck with your journey towards wedding planning business!!

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Mukhtiar Ali Khan has been working on the topic of self-employment since 2010 and would like to use the website to support other founders in the successful founding and start-up life. Through his own experience, he knows the questions and problems of other founders very well and offers together with other authors help with the creation and management of the company.

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