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Wedding Planning Organizer – A Successful Business Idea

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After marrying has gone out of fashion for a few years, it is now as hip as long ago. More and more couples are dreaming of the perfect wedding ceremony – and are ready to go deeper into their pockets. The result is a wedding industry that has never boomed like this. Not only classic actors such as bridal outfitter and florist benefit from the turnaround, but also new occupational fields. One of them is the wedding planner. Find out in this business idea Wedding Planning Organizer and what requirements you have to fulfill for this varied dream job.

Professional profile: What does a wedding planning organizer do?

While wedding planners in American romantic comedies, so to speak, belong to the standard cast, this profession is still largely. And so it happens that many do not know exactly what a wedding planner does.

wedding planning organizer

Basically, this is a special event manager. However, instead of organizing galas, receptions, meetings and other events, the wedding planner is specialized in – you guessed it already – weddings. This focus ensures that wedding planners are true experts in their field, who can not be disturbed by anything or anyone.

The duties of a wedding planning organizer

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows that this is a true mammoth project, which is often the nerve blank. No wonder, then, that wedding planners in this country are increasingly in demand and the industry is developing and expanding rapidly. While you may be considering becoming a wedding planner, remember that the tasks that await you at the job are quite extensive and sometimes exhausting.

Here’s a little insight into the professional life of a wedding planner:

  • basic arrangements with the newlyweds and others
  • Search and book a location
  • Search and book a photographer
  • Looking for and booking a car, a coach, other means of transport
  • Agreements with florists and decorators
  • Design and send invitations
  • Agreements with the event location (seating order, menu sequence, etc.)
  • Find and book a DJ or one-to-one entertainer
  • Calculation and monitoring of costs
  • Compilation of a schedule
  • Planning of surprises (partly in consultation with the groomsmen)

wedding planning organizer-Duties

In addition to the organizational tasks in the run-up to coming numerous challenges on the actual wedding day. At this the wedding planner quickly becomes a crisis manager – for example, when the photographer is still stuck in a traffic jam, something suddenly breaks on the wedding dress, the grandmother’s heel breaks off or (in the worst case) the groom suddenly gets cold feet. So we are with the requirements that you need to meet if you want to become a wedding planner.

The requirement profile of a wedding planner

First of all, the professional requirements: As a wedding planner, you must first and foremost bring a lot of organizational talent and an eye for the big picture and the details. The compilation of a harmonious menu may cause you as little problems as the calculation of all costs including discounts, discounts, surcharges etc.

Requirements-wedding planning organizer

Add to that many other features that you absolutely must own to become a wedding planner. The most important one is stress resistance. Already during the planning of the wedding, but especially on the big day, you will be exposed to countless crisis situations, which you often have to master without help. Furthermore, it is indispensable to be able to improvise. Also, creativity can not hurt if you want to start a career as a wedding planner. Last but not least, you must be able to deal well with people – especially the bridal couple – and prove their instincts at the right moments.

As a small business ideas wedding planner is one of the best options for you. All in all, it can be said that the requirements of a wedding planner are diverse, but also to master. It is not surprising, therefore, that so many people nowadays intend to become wedding planners.

How I Become a Wedding Planning Organizer?

The most important information right away: Wedding planner is not a protected profession. This, in turn, means that you do not have to have any special education or studies to officially work as a wedding planner. However, it is beneficial to have some previous knowledge and basic know-how to establish yourself in the highly competitive wedding industry and compete against the competition.

Many wedding planners come from event management. This area provides an excellent basis for working as a wedding planner, as there are many parallels. Even decorators and former photographers, who have already gained experience at weddings, have good chances to build up a second foothold as a wedding planner. Last but not least, people from the catering, hotel and tourism industries also bring excellent qualifications for a career as a wedding planner. In short: this profession is ideally suited for career changers.

wedding planning organizer

However, anyone who does not want to leave anything to chance can now also attend various courses and further education. Some of them are now even certified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This, in turn, means that you can prove yourself as a certified wedding planner.

Various career paths for wedding planners

You want to become a wedding planning organizer, but do not know exactly how to reach this professional goal? If you can meet the relevant technical requirements and perhaps even gain some experience in the field of event planning, then you have virtually every door open. As a budding wedding planning organizer, you have the choice between:

  • Permanent Planner: If you do not want to give up the security of a permanent position, you can apply to a wedding agency. Not only do they benefit from a secure and always equal income, but they also never have to take full responsibility for a planned wedding. However, this also implies that you always have to play only the second violin in the orchestra and always have to share the praise with your employer.
  • Becoming a self-employed wedding planning organizer: The situation is completely different if you decide to work as an independent wedding planner. This path means that you alone have to get the recognition, but in return have to stand straight for mistakes and breakdowns. The income of self-employed wedding planners is of course much higher than that of employees. But for insurance, taxes and private pensions must have a large part of the money. In addition, as a self-employed person, you always have to expect financial fluctuations. While the cash registers ring in the summer, the order situation for wedding planners looks rather meager in winter. To become an independent wedding planner, you need to start a sole proprietorship.

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